Travel Facts

The Cairngorms National Park is home to one-quarter of the rare and endangered species in the UK

The Cairngorms National Park is twice the size of the Lake District

The Songkran Festival, also known as the Thai New Year ( April 13 – 15), is when all streets are closed, and the town becomes the battleground of the biggest water fight in the world. Young or old, everybody gets a water pistol and is ready to soak you!

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is disregard the street food and eat only in your hotel or restaurants. Seriously, the street food in Thailand is probably the best in the world.

Penguins’ black and white ‘tuxedo’ helps them avoid predators

Most penguins have black backs and a white belly. This makes them harder to see from above because they blend in with the dark ocean beneath them. And looking from below, their white underside matches the bright sky overhead.

Polar bear fur is translucent, and only appears white because it reflects visible light. Beneath all that thick fur, their skin is jet black.

Zante is the last refuge of sea turtle Caretta-Caretta and the Mediterranean seal monakus-monakus. For their protection on the island has established the National Marine Park. To calm turtles laying eggs, at night they close the airport and most of the southern beaches.

Seville is the final Burial place of explorer Christopher Columbus