Villa in Morocco Experience

On our villa in Morocco Experience, you will stay at the fabulous Dar Cherif villa near Marrakech

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Villa in Morocco

On our villa in Morocco Experience, you will stay at the fabulous Dar Cherif villa near Marrakech


A mixture of traditional and contemporary, Marrakech holds the promise of incomparable sensations. Stroll through the Jemaa El Fna and the bazaars with their bright colors and oriental scents, and the red city will whisk you into another world in the blink of an eye. Rides in horse-drawn carriages, sun-soaked terraces, street artists and other activities both day and night will all add to your stay in Morocco.

Admire the architectural wealth of the Medina by visiting one of its many riads, small oriental palaces arranged around a central courtyard, or relax at the Menara, a large pooled garden typical of the city. Marrakech relies on its incredible diversity to provide choice for its visitors. You need only head out of the walled center to become immersed in contemporary Morocco. The Guéliz and Hivernage districts offer the most up to date infrastructure, luxury boutiques and international brands along broad spacious avenues; all in Marrakech’s own inimitable style.

As a sign of a growing economic buzz, there are also festive and cultural locations including the Palais des Congrès and the magnificent Théâtre Royal. Enjoy Marrakech at night by paying a visit to the many themed venues, trendy clubs and traditional evenings that reflect the zest for life of its inhabitants.

Dar Cherif Villa

In the middle of a splendid Andalusian garden, this villa of charm looks out on the fantastic spectacle of the snow-covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

Inside, the traditional decorative arts of zellige, tadelakt and bejmat are celebrated with dignity.

From the hammam to the tearoom, passing by the living room chimney, you will discover a savoir-faire in handicraft combined with discreet luxury.

In the kitchen, the art of cooking carries on the invitation to the journey with a range of typical tasty recipes prepared by the expert hands of traditional cooks.


Dar Cherif offers six luxurious suites equipped with all modern conveniences; a number intentionally restrained in order to preserve the tranquility and autonomy of each one of the invitees. Every room carries the elegant signature of the hostess. Each one is uniquely decorated. Dar Cherif cleverly combines beauty, luxury, tradition and modernity in a serene atmosphere


Prices from £1200 per night



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Morocco, North Africa

They have goats that regularly climb trees for a meal!

 The traditional form of Moroccan house is called riad. Riads are often two or more stories high, rising around an open yard area in the center that usually features a garden or a fountain.

Morocco  is among the most filmed in the world. The desert settings of Sahara and the authentic charm of the kasbahs are as picture-perfect as possible.

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