Cognac Experience

On our Cognac Experience, you will stay in the Hotel Francois Premier, in a standard room, including breakfast and visit the Hennessy Cognac House for an ‘Exception’ tour with Cognac tasting

From £568.00

Cognac Experience
On our Cognac Experience, you will stay in the Hotel Francois Premier, in a standard room, including breakfast and visit the Hennessy Cognac House for an ‘Exception’ tour with Cognac tasting

Cognac is situated in the Charente department of western France between Angouleme and Saintes. The name of Cognac is known the world over because of the brandy produced in the region, and the chance to visit the Cognac distilleries certainly attracts many visitors, but the town itself is also very interesting to explore with an attractive riverside and historical centre to discover.
Exploring Cognac
Cognac has two distinct areas:
• the bustling ‘modern’ town where you will find most of the shops, large boulevards and street-side cafes;
• the old town which is much quieter and includes the castle and other historic monuments, most of the famous distilleries, and the Charente river.
The buildings in Cognac are mostly constructed from the local white stone that is found throughout the Poitou-Charentes region and makes the local architecture so distinctive and attractive.

Hotel Francois Premier:
The Hotel is less than half a mile from the Hennessy Cognac House
Take advantage of the privileged location of the top-of-the-range Hotel François Premier Cognac Centre:
Visit the cognac houses, take a walk in Gabare on the Charente, let yourself be tempted by a round of golf, or simply enjoy a moment of strolling in the streets of the old town.
A town in the southwest, Cognac enjoys long sunny days. Discover the Atlantic Coast: visit the Zoo de la Palmyre, the towns of St Palais Sur Mer, Royan but also the most beautiful villages in France: Mornac sur Seudre, Aubeterre sur Dronne, Talmont sur Gironde. Finally, allow yourself a moment of relaxation and tanning on the beautiful sandy beaches of the wild coast.

The Hotel has a small corner of greenery and breathtaking view over the roofs of Cognac. The Garden is the ideal space to share convivial moments around a Germain cocktail or simply relax.

Visit to Hennessy
After a select guided tour that unveils the history, craftsmanship and world of the Hennessy Maison from on both sides of the Charente River, slip behind the scenes and discover the Paradis Cellar where some of the house’s oldest cognacs are stored.
In a private lounge, the high point of the visit is a tasting of some of the house’s finest cognacs, Hennessy X.O and Paradis.
The parenthesis
Take part in a select guided tour and learn about the saga and the craft of Hennessy, in a private lounge where you will discover the refined rituals of tasting.
The Paradis
Unlock the secrets of exceptional cognacs as you step through the doors of the Paradis ageing cellar, where some of Hennessy’s oldest eaux-de-vie are stored.
The tasting
Alongside our house experts, taste some of Hennessy’s most iconic cognacs in a private lounge, accompanied by canapés prepared by our chef.

Price from £568 per person and includes:
• 4 nights in Hotel Francois Premier, standard room including breakfast
• Hennessy Cognac House visit with tasting

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Did You Know?...

Cognac, Western France

There are strict laws about Cognac

Here are a few: Cognac must be made from one or a combination of just three types of grapes . It must be aged for at least two years. It must be double-distilled in copper pot stills of a particular shape and configuration . Its grapes must be harvested only in October, and it must be distilled only from November 1st to March 31st.

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